Message from the Chair of the Organizing Committee

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am pleased to confirm that the 78th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association will take place at Imadegawa Campus of Doshisha University, from 10 - 12 of September 2014.

Doshisha University started its first psychology course in 1928 and in the intervening eighty-six years the faculty has grown and we have hosted variety of conferences and workshops. Doshisha University is now delighted to announce that 2014 will see for the third time Doshisha University hosting the Japanese Psychological Association annual convention. The previous occasion was in autumn 1992, when Kyoto suffered an extreme heat wave, which was compounded by insufficient air conditioning at Imadegawa Campus at the time. We gave away hand fans to attendees and attempted to cool the rooms down with some ice as a desperate measure. These did not help the situation much and the convention progressed with many fevered brows, unfortunately not only from the mental challenges of the convention.

Climate change has done nothing to reduce the severity of the heat, but for 2014 we are delighted to be able to welcome you to the newly refurbished part of Imadegawa Campus. The conference venue has a direct connection to Imadegawa underground station to save attendees from walking outside and significantly the facility has been recently rebuilt with air conditioning working at perfect order.

We are eager to welcome attendance from overseas. Members of organizations affiliated with the Japanese Psychological Association (e.g. Korean Psychological Association) are invited to attend the 78th JPA annual conference with the same registration fees as JPA members. Please see the details on the registration page, which will be available from 1st of April.

Kyoto was Japan’s capital for over 1000 years, with countless unique, historical sites and examples of ancient culture still thriving in the city today. Many of the most famous historical sites are easily accessible from Doshisha University and Imadegawa Campus is located next to two significant sites, Kyoto Imperial Palace and Shōkoku-ji. The Imperial Palace, which was rebuilt in 1855, preserves the look and ambiance as well as the architectural style from the time of its construction by Japan's ancient imperial dynasties. Shōkoku-ji is a Buddhist temple founded in 1382. It is famous for its suikinkutsu, a stone water basin in its Japanese garden which creates a pleasing bell-like splashing sound when water drips into it. We hope all attendees will enjoy the city as well as the convention and we are planning an exciting event to introduce the city to you at the conference dinner to be held at the Kyoto Hotel Okura.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

Naoto Suzuki, Ph.D.

Chair of the Organizing Committee

The 78th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association

Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Doshisha University

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